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Four roof extensions to adjoining modern mews houses in North London.

Gillett Place is a development of 9 flats and 4 mews houses completed in 2007 by Hawkins Brown. The mews houses - the subject of the work - had three external spaces - a first floor balcony and two second floor roof terraces. The two roof terraces were divided laterally by a structure which houses the stair to the roof.

The rear terraces, which are to the north of the houses, were underused by all residents who decided to submit a joint planning application to construct a room on each of the rear roof terraces.

Each of the new rooms has new glazed wall with glazed doors to the south elevation which allows light to flood into the centre of the house plan, where it didn't before.

A mansard roof to the north elevation stops any loss of light to the houses behind and provides space for a row of extra storage units within the eaves. Each room will be used in a different manner by the residents, and the design of each room is individual including, to an extent, the facade treatment.