Copeland Road is an extension of a Victorian terraced house, and a celebration of the versatility of timber construction. Alongside our environmentally-conscious clients, and thanks to our extremely collaborative working relationship with them, the result is a healthy home that combines energy efficiency and high quality design, while addressing the needs of a growing young family. We replaced the awkward existing layout with family spaces that flow into each other, and our wraparound rear extension is both architecturally daring and highly flexible, with seamless connections to the garden. Upstairs, a roof extension provides new space for guests.

At Copeland Road we exploited the flexibility and strength of structural timber to extraordinary effect: for instance to create soaring double height spaces that flood the interiors with natural light, and a lively extension that gives visual interest while respecting neighbouring properties. Exposed timber surfaces, expressed structural elements, and strong contrasts with other materials including cast concrete and historic brick, create airy and elegant interiors that are uplifting, peaceful and intriguing.  

The new spaces are clad in charred timber cladding, which emphasises the angularity of the structure and creates something quite exceptional within an otherwise ordinary terraced street. Our clients love their transformed home which is now much easier to use, and a joy to live in.