Founded in 2006, Gresford Architects seek to create buildings that are thoughtfuI, practical, sustainable and beautifuI. We enjoy working with new and existing (including listed) buildings, through an ethos that treats them as individuals that can adapt, change and age in our own distinct ways. Gresford Architects are also experts in Passivhaus design - sustainable building is fundamental to our approach, ensuring our buildings are comfortable, designed to last, and use energy and materials as efficiently as possible.

Taking a hands-on approach, we take pride in building creative and long lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients and contractors. We believe that engaging with those involved in a project is crucial to a successful outcome, and makes for a more rewarding and meaningful experience along the way.

Projects, which range from small scale residential to large commercial refurbishments, are characterised by a keen sense of craftsmanship and an enthusiasm for exploring surfaces, joints, textures and light. Conscious that our approach to the built environment has a fundamental impact on our cultural heritage, Gresford Architects endeavour to achieve the perfect marriage of the poetic and the practical.

Pip Marshall-Waterfield
James Allen
Adrian Buckle
Kate Johnstone
Rebecca Iuliano
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