Paper Mill Studios is a photography and film studio, event space and creative workspace located on a quiet street just off City Road. The 19th century warehouse has been extended and renovated to create a thriving, adaptable and flexible workspace.

The layout of the building has been redesigned to give the utmost flexibility to the workspace. The main spaces within the attractive three storey building have been preserved in their original form as large volume areas and used as studios, with new staircases and facilities carefully inserted into a new extension to maximise the historic interest of the spaces. The new extension also separates the building into distinct areas, thereby allowing for future flexibility for
a range of uses including subdivision.

Two key materials have been used in the project – a Reglit translucent façade, which is used in spaces where large amounts of natural daylight are required for the photography studios within but where privacy for both occupants and neighbouring buildings are paramount, and black Zinc cladding, which is used in the elements of the extension where little daylight and extra privacy are required. Both materials have been chosen because of their innate character, and the way they contrast in an appropriate and interesting way with the weathered London Stock brick of the existing building.